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Illuminated Signs

See our photo gallery below!

Illuminated signs are a great business asset for signifying your business image by day and night! It delivers an impressive glow at night while customers come and go from your building. The light source can be either fluorescent bulbs or LED lights depending on your preference. Illuminated signs with fluorescent bulbs are usually but not limited to pylons and sign cabinets. LED lights however may be installed with any custom sign structure. Illuminated signs are one of the best ways to portray a significant presence for customers 24 hours around the clock. Please Contact Us with any questions or to receive a free estimate for your illuminated sign needs!

The following describes various types of illuminated signs Charles Signs can produce. Pricing will range based on size and material.

  • Monument - Our monument signage is a great opportunity for our customers to deliver a creative and innovative design. Though monument signs may not include a light structure, options to have lights are always available. These signs are completely customized; thus, their unique designs are made according to our customer’s desire. We accept designs by customers or we may create the design for you if you choose. Partners Trust Bank and HSBC are examples of Monument Illuminated signs.
  • Pylon - Pylon signs are typically used for most businesses in an outlet center. They usually include lights to show your business presence for customers at night. It is a great way to show your location on the side of a busy road or very close to your building. The photo below with Applebee’s, Avenue, and AAA Travel and the photo with Dunn Tire, Metro Mattress, Verizon, and Orion Dental are examples of pylon signage.
  • Sign Cabinets - Sign Cabinets are one or two sided structures consisting of the frame and sign face or faces. Most have a light source inside which may be either fluorescent bulbs or LED lights depending on the customer’s preference. Though these signs tend to be a boxed shape with four sides, they are not limited to this design. We have the ability to shape the sign cabinet with how many sides are desired by the customer. The faces for these signs may be one of two different types. It may be a flat lexan face with digital print vinyl applied to the material. Examples of this type include Allstate, First Source Federal Credit Union, and Progressive Expert Consulting, Inc. The other type is a lexan interchangeable letter face with tracks mounted to the material. Letters are of course included with this option. Examples of this type include Friendly's and Cannon's Fishing Lodge.
  • Push-Thru Acrylic - For this type of signage, letters, logos, or combinations are cut out of acrylic. It functions great as either an indoor or outdoor option. These letters may be stud mounted to a wall or another sign face. Options to make hardware not visible are a popular choice. Acrylic signs come with either spacers or no spacers depending on the customer’s preference. Glass wall display panels are also available for a unique and classy image. An example of an illuminated sign with push-thru acrylic letters is Soha's Leather.
  • Channel Letters - These signs are mostly mounted to a building to show location. It could include letters and/or logos. These signs tend to include a light source of LEDs to give your sign a bright illumination at night. The channel letters are aluminum retainers with acrylic letter faces. This displays a beautiful 3D visual for your customers.